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Basic Steps on How to Enhance Your Athletic Performance Naturally

Curious about new ways on how to enhance athletic performance? Learn some tricks that will give you an edge during your next workout or competition. Step 1: Get a hit of caffeine Drink a hint of caffeine before your workout. Studies prove it increases stamina for everyone from runners and cyclists to rowers and swimmers. A half a cup of coffee about an hour ahead of time is all you need. Step 2: Fiber-load before a big race If you’re a runner, skip the Read More...

Basic Steps to Boost Energy Naturally

If it's all you can do to drag yourself through the day, why not increase your stamina with these time-honored techniques. Step 1: Eat protein for breakfast Start the day with protein, like eggs, yogurt, or peanut butter. People who ate mostly protein for breakfast reported higher energy levels than those who started the day with a carbohydrate-rich meal. Step 2: Skip the "energy" drinks Skip the so-called energy drinks in favor of water. A British study found that the caffeine in energy Read More...